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Parents » School Supply List

School Supply List

These Items Are Needed In Your Child's Classroom

Donations of the following items are always appreciated.
Classroom snacks
Chlorox or Lysol wipes
Expo Dry-Erase markers
Copier/computer paper
Extra glue sticks
Ziploc bags--snack, sandwich, quart and gallon sizes
Hand sanitizer
Kleenex tissues
Paper towels
White card stock
Colored paper


Book Bag (rolling-type is not allowed.)
Dry erase markers
Small pencil box
Glue stick
Pack of copy paper
Washable markers
Three-pocket folder w/prongs (yellow, red, blue)

First Grade

#2 Pencils (no mechanical pencils)
No pencil sharpeners
Crayons--24-count, two boxes
Glue sticks
Pencil pouch/bag (no boxes)
Book bag (rolling-type is not allowed)
Dry-Erase markers and one pack washable markers
Two Single Subject, wide-ruled notebooks

Second Grade

Two wide-ruled, single-subject notebooks, plain color
Bookbag (rolling-type is not allowed)
Crayons or colored pencils
#2 Pencils 
No pencil sharpeners
Pencil pouch/bag (no boxes) optional
Dry-erase markers--multi-color pack, fine tips
One large empty cereal box
Two folders w/ pockets, plain-colored

Third Grade

Six solid-color folders w/pockets (red, yellow, blue, purple, green, orange)
Two spiral Notebooks with 70-80 pgs
Book bag (rolling-type is not allowed)
Crayons--box of 24-count
Colored pencils
Glue stick
Highlighter (multi-color pack)
Wide-Ruled notebook paper
Dry-erase markers
Pencils w/ erasers
Pencil pouch/bag 
No pencil sharpeners
Index cards
Construction paper
No three-ring binder notebooks or Trapperkeepers

Fourth Grade

Three folders w/pockets
Four spiral notebooks (for specific subject areas)
Book bag (rolling-type is not allowed)
Colored pencils (optional)
Crayons (optional)
Glue sticks
Loose-leaf notebook paper
Pencil pouch/bag (no boxes)
#2 Pencils 
No pencil sharpeners

Fifth Grade

One five-subject notebook
Three composition books (non-spiral bound)
Three packs loose-leaf notebook paper
Book bag (rolling-type not allowed)
Colored pencils
#2 Pencils
Pencil pouch/bag 
No pencil sharpeners